‘Even Dragons Shall Him Praise’ Hits #1 on iTunes

Christians are commanded to sing, but finding songs worth singing can sometimes be a difficult task. Too often it’s the case that songs with a good sound are theologically unsound, and vice versa.

Thankfully, it’s not always one or the other, as Brian Sauvé’s latest release beautifully demonstrates. And I’m not the only one to say so.

Sauvé’s new album Even Dragons Shall Him Praise hit number one on the iTunes Christian charts today shortly after its release. When you hear it, you’ll understand why.

You guys.

Even Dragons Shall Him Praise hit NUMBER ONE on the Christian albums charts today.

Can’t believe you guys pulled this off. Thank you! pic.twitter.com/TsuXnJssv2

— Brian Sauvé (@Brian_Sauve) April 4, 2023

The father of six and pastor of Refuge Church has described his work, which includes Psalms, original hymns, and even sea shanties as “music for the new Christendom.”

“One thing is certain,” Sauvé said, “All true reformation is accompanied reformation. God’s transformed people will be a singing people–and singing Psalms hymns transforms God’s people.”

Even Dragons Shall Him Praise, which is Sauvé’s second full-length release, features 12 tracks in total, including 10 Psalms and two original songs which can be listened to below:

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