“Rewriting History”: Justin Trudeau Claims He Never Forced Anyone To Get Vaccinated

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, has claimed he never forced anyone to take the Covid vaccines after his government implemented one of the world’s strictest vaccine mandate policies.

Speaking at the University of Ottawa on Monday, Trudeau acknowledged the vaccine’s “potential side effects” and admitted they have “probably” caused some people to get “very sick.”

However, in a move aptly described as a “rewrite of history,” the Canadian Prime Minister essentially attempted to wash his hands of any responsibility, by claiming he never forced anyone to get vaccinated.

“There are potential side effects in vaccinations,” Trudeau said. “There are people who’ve probably gotten very sick from vaccinations…

“All of the scientists, and the medical experts, and the researchers, not just in Canada but around the world, understood that vaccination was going to be the way through this.”

“And therefore, while not forcing anyone to get vaccinated, I chose to make sure all the incentives and all the protection were there to encourage Canadians to get vaccinated.”

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While Trudeau may have not been busting down doors, pinning people to the ground, and injecting them against their will, he did make life incredibly unbearable for many who chose not to be vaccinated for various reasons.

Prime Minister Trudeau implemented one of the world’s strictest vaccine policies for transportation, banning citizens from boarding any plane, train, or cruise ship in Canada unless they were fully vaccinated.

Employers in the federally regulated air, rail, and marine transportation sectors were required to establish “vaccination policies” that ensured all employees were vaccinated.

Under the mandate, federal public servants, including members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, were required to provide proof of vaccination or else be placed on administrative leave without pay.

The mandate also applied to government entities, crown corporations, and the Canadian Armed Forces, who were all required to implement their own vaccine policies.

The mandate also required all truckers to be vaccinated in order to cross the US-Canada border or quarantine upon return, a move that sparked large demonstrations across the nation.

When Canadian citizens objected to the mandates, Trudeau took “the unprecedented step of invoking the Emergencies Act to crack down on anti-vaccine mandate protests.”

The act gave the police sweeping new powers to go after the finances of the protesters in an effort to “pressure” them into forfeiting their demonstration.

Subsequently, Trudeau froze hundreds of personal bank accounts of those linked with the protests without any need for a court order.

In other words, no jab, no job. No job, no income. No income, no rent money, no mortgage, no food, no life. Trudeau is rewriting history, indeed.

In his final pitch for vaccine passports ahead of the election, is Justin Trudeau saying Canadians that don’t agree with vaccine passports don’t deserve rights?

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