Landmark Class Action Filed Against Australian Government Over Vaccine Injuries

A class action lawsuit has been filed against the Australian government and medicine regulators demanding compensation for those allegedly injured by COVID-19 vaccines.

More than 500 Australians, all of whom are said to have experienced “very serious adverse events,” have joined the landmark class action, which was filed in the New South Wales Federal Court last month.

The lawsuit, which names the federal government, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and the Department of Health, along with several senior public servants, accuses the named parties of “negligence in their approval and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccines, breach of statutory duty and misfeasance in public office.”

The nationwide action was initiated by Queensland GP, Dr Melissa McCann, who raised over $100k in backing through online crowdfunding.

“These injured and bereaved have suffered immense loss, pain and grief,” Dr McCann tweeted after news of the lawsuit broke.

“Just as heartbreaking has been the gaslighting and silence, which has left them feeling abandoned. We cannot simply ‘move on’ from covid and leave them behind.”

John Ruddick, Liberal Democrats Member of the NSW Parliament, who was with Dr McCann when she filed the lawsuit, told Caldron Pool the medical community was bullied by big government during our overreaction to COVID.

“Fear was put into doctors and others that if they questioned their orders from on high, they risked deregistration,” he said.

“A few, however, demonstrated enormous courage. Dr McCann was outstanding and continues to be so.”

Dr McCann appeared on Sky News Australia last week where she told Outsiders host, Rowan Dean, that the injured have been left without help and acknowledgement due to heavy online censorship, social shaming, and an unwillingness on the part of the media to raise questions about vaccine safety.

“What has been frightening and quite distressing is that I continue to get emails daily from people with extremely severe, life-changing events: deaths, amputations, blood clots, gynaecological conditions,” Dr McCann said.

“Put it this way, I’ve not had anyone that’s contacted me about this action who had something mild and expected, such as a sore arm and a fever.

“These are not the sort of people that are seeking any sort of recompense, or joining this action. These are all people who have had very serious adverse events,” she added.


A class action lawsuit over Covid vaccine injuries has been filed against the Australian government and the medicines

— James Melville (@JamesMelville) May 2, 2023

The TGA’s latest health safety report says adverse risks to the vaccine are “extremely rare” and most deaths that occur after vaccination are “not caused by the vaccine.”

The report continues to emphasise that the “protected benefits of the vaccines far outweigh the rare risk of these side effects.”

Dr McCann is crowdfunding the action. All funds raised will be used only for the direct costs for court fees, legal fees, barrister fees, expert opinion evidence and associated travel costs, including travel costs for the litigants to attend the hearings. If successful and costs are recovered, all donations will be returned. You can view and help the campaign here.