Petition Calls for Immediate Reinstatement of Moira Deeming

An online petition has been launched demanding the immediate reinstatement of expelled MP, Moira Deeming, to the Victorian Parliamentary Liberal Party.

Women’s Forum Australia, the organisation behind the petition, described Deeming’s May 12 expulsion as “gravely unjust,” and accused Victorian Party leader John Pesutto of “slandering” and “punishing” a woman who spoke out in defence of the rights and safety of women and girls.

According to the petition: “The intimidation and silencing of women who speak out about their sex-based needs and rights has recently been condemned by UN Special Rapporteur on Violence Against Women and Girls, Reem Alsalem, who specifically rebuked the smearing of women as ‘Nazis’ or ‘extremists,’ and the sanctioning of female politicians by their political parties.

“Ms Alsalem notes that such smear campaigns against women ‘are deeply troubling, as they are intended to instil fear in them, shame them into silence, and incite violence and hatred against them.

“Such acts severely affect the dignified participation of women and girls in society.”

As such, the petition calls on Pesutto to immediately reinstate Deeming to the Victorian parliamentary Liberal Party and issue a joint statement clearing Deeming of Nazi associations and any wrongdoing.

Deeming was expelled from the Victorian Liberal Party on May 12, after advising the party leader that she intended to legally challenge her nine-month suspension if an agree-upon statement was not issued clearing Deeming’s name of Nazi slurs.

Pesutto allegedly accused Deeming, and others, of associating with neo-Nazis or neo-Nazi sympathisers after a March 18 women’s rights rally was crashed by a group of men performing the Nazi salute on the steps of Parliament.

The petition is seeking 5,000 signatures in support of Moira Deeming’s reinstatement. If you would like to read more and add your signature, click here.