Lockdowns Likely Caused ‘More Harm Than Benefit’: New Study Suggests We Were Right, Yet Again

Pandemic lockdown measures likely caused “more harm than benefit” with “wide-ranging damage” that will be felt for years to come, a new study suggests.

According to News.com.au, Dr Kevin Bardosh, an applied medical anthropologist from the University of Washington, conducted a “comprehensive” review of more than 600 research publications to evaluate the “global state of knowledge” on the adverse social impacts caused by lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions.

Research revealed significant increases in mental health issues, including anxiety and depression, as well as spikes in domestic violence, drug overdoses, and child abuse.

Furthermore, delayed medical treatments, disruptions to education, and economic hardships were noted as further consequences of the lockdowns.

“Early on, many voiced concern that [non-pharmaceutical interventions] would cause widespread social harm, especially for vulnerable [and] poorer people,” Dr Bardosh said.

“Now, a few years in future, we can evaluate concerns with the wisdom of hindsight and based on a lot of research evidence.”

Once again, yesterday’s “conspiracy theories” are today’s news headlines.

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