“Digital Prison”: Aldi Slammed for Implementing “No App, No Food” System

There are calls to boycott Aldi after a London store implemented a digital check-in as a condition of entry.

A tweet that’s racked up almost three million views in just three days, shows a customer entering the Greenwich Aldi Shop&Go store before being stopped by a gated barrier.

The shopper is then prompted to scan a registered QR code on the Aldi app to buy food.

Registered accounts are given a QR code on their smartphones that will be scanned to gain entry to the store.

According to Aldi, the store uses “state-of-the-art technology” intended to help customers “shop faster and easier without queues.”

In-store cameras will track shoppers, adding items to each personal account as they’re picked up or bagged.

“Now, this looks to me like the beginning stages of the digital prison that we keep talking about,” said the customer in the viral video.

“No app, no food,” tweeted Heritage Party Leader, David Kurten. “Stop this now.”

Turns out Covidiocy compliance has consequences. Who knew!?

UK 2023: No app, no food.
Stop this now.#BoycottAldi #StuffTheNWO https://t.co/1DLuiPsEQR

— David Kurten (@davidkurten) June 9, 2023