WATCH: Pandemic Amnesty for Pandemic Sins?

Christianity Today has declared it’s “time to forgive each other our pandemic sins.” The outlet warned that if victims of pandemic “divisiveness” carried their “divisions and hurts into the future” it would be “worse” than the wrongs they suffered.

The only problem is, there’s been no acknowledgement of wrongs, no admission of guilt, no public repentance, no assurance of any change, no mention of restitution. Victims are effectively being told to just get over it, move on, and if they don’t, they’re worse than their abusers. Talk about heaping injustice upon injustice!

So, what is the correct response for those who inflicted injustices and those who suffered them? In the latest episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae chats with Toby Sumpter, Chocolate Knox, and Gabe Rench from CrossPolitic to discuss pandemic amnesty for pandemic sins.

Listen here or watch below: