WATCH: The War On Masculinity

There’s a war on masculinity. While the progressive left struggle to define the difference between man and woman, many on the right, including those within conservative circles, are having just as much trouble accurately defining masculinity.

At a time when our culture is starved of strong fatherly role models, boys and immature men can easily be influenced by the most assertive and dominant male figures, regardless of how distorted and damaging their image of masculinity may be. Some of the more influential types have racked up large followings of young men, eager and willing to be told, not only what it means to be a man, but how they should speak, dress, or even sit in a chair.

While these sorts claim to epitomize masculinity, what they’re often peddling is merely a childish caricature of manliness. It’s a shallow portrayal that amounts to little more than lifting weights, gaining wealth, whatever the means, and attracting loose women.

But surely, there’s more to it than that!? In the latest episode of the Caldron Pool Show, Evelyn Rae chats with William Spencer, host of the Renaissance of Men Podcast to discuss the false solutions and recover a true picture of manhood.

WATCH (Premiering 7:30PM AEST):