Voice Advocate Says: “F*** Reconciliation! It’s Time for Reckoning, Reparations, Land Back!”

A senior advisor to the Labor Government on the Voice to Parliament is pushing for “reparations and land” for Indigenous Australians, claiming “reconciliation is not enough.”

Teela Reid, a lawyer and prominent advocate for the Voice, described the constitutional amendment as a “journey to begin to demolish the systems that continue to oppress [Indigenous Australians].”

“We need to get back to the radical roots of the Communist Party,” Reid has said, and admitted, “the concept of the Voice is the first step in redistributing power.”

“F**K RECONCILIATION,” Reid previously tweeted. “It’s time for RECKONING, REPARATIONS, LAND BACK!”

Meet Teela Reid… the high-profile Voice campaigner, Uluru Dialogue leader and member of Anthony Albanese’s Voice Referendum Engagement Group.

She’s fighting to “abolish Australia Day” and says the Voice is about “the fight for…compensation and reparations”.

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In a recent episode of The Caldron Pool Show, Dr Stephen Chavura warned that Australians have to understand that the Voice is merely one part of an agenda that involves three things: (1) Voice; (2) Truth-telling; (3) Treaty.

Dr Chavura explained, “The Uluru Statement from the Heart, which is the inspiration for the Voice, clearly says: ‘Makarrata is the culmination of our agenda… We seek a Makarrata Commission to supervise a process of agreement-making…’

“Makarrata is an Indigenous word which… literally means spearing someone through the side, through the thigh, as an act of vengeance or justice for some wrong-doing,” Dr Chavura explained. “Other experts have defined it as ritualised revenge.

“But the Uluru Statement from the Heart website is actually incredibly helpful because it clearly defines what it means by Makarrata… And here’s what it means: ‘Makarrata is another word for Treaty or agreement making. It is the culmination of our agenda.’

Dr Chavura continued: “What do they mean by a Treaty? Again…the website is very helpful. It actually tells us, and it says: ‘There is a potential for two sovereignties to co-exist in which both Western and Indigenous values and identities are protected and given voice in policies and laws.’

“When we talk about sovereignty, we’re talking about countries. We’re talking about political entities that are not under the laws of external political entities. That is what we mean by sovereignty.

“So, when the Uluru Statement from the Heart says the Voice will institute a Makarrata Commission, and Makarrata means Treaty, and Treaty means sovereignty, what the Uluru Statement is saying is what this Voice is going to try to accomplish is a sovereign Aboriginal country, a sovereign Aboriginal-state, or a sovereign Aboriginal region in Australia.

“It is a radical proposal of racial separatism,” Dr Chavura said.

“Australians have to understand this, that the Voice is merely one part of an agenda that involves three things: (1) Voice; (2) Truth-telling; (3) Treaty.” @ChavuraStephen pic.twitter.com/onZqD94zCw

— Caldron Pool (@CaldronPool) July 11, 2023