Finnish DOJ’s Persecution of Acquitted Bible Quoting Legislator Is a Massive Waste of Taxpayer Funds

Finnish legislator, Päivi Räsänen still faces charges for quoting the Bible, despite the Helsinki district court ruling in her favour.

Räsänen’s story came to light in 2021, after left-wing Finish bureaucrats accused her of “violating the equality and dignity of homosexuals.”

Indirectly quoting from the first chapter of Paul’s letter to the Romans, Räsänen was criminally charged for questioning the Lutheran church’s promotion of an LGBTQ+ PRIDE parade on Twitter.

As a result, the former Interior Minister – also leader of the Christian Democrats – was interrogated for “13 hours,” and threatened with up to six years in prison if she didn’t recant.

Talking with ICC president, Jeff King, Räsänen said that four years on, the government is still out to make an example of her.

With contempt for the cost to tax-payers, the prosecutor general rejected the court’s dismissal of the case, saying a “crime has been committed. We’re going after her another way.”

The move is two-pronged.

By tying the G.P. and mother of five down with legal challenges, and court costs, the government is hoping Räsänen will break.

The LGBTQ+ lawfare strategy against her is also seen as a deterrent to ensure others line up, fall-in, salute, and goosestep in unison, with the Acronym Army’s agenda.

Simply put, Finland’s left-wing activist bureaucrats hope that the harassment of a member of parliament will coerce other potential dissenters into “keeping their mouths shut.”

“The prosecutor and the police have put a lot of money into this process. It’s a terrible waste of limited police resources,” she asserted.

Describing the political persecution as a personal vendetta, Räsänen agreed with King, who replied, “So, basically, the Prosecutor General is using tax-payers to fund her personal left-wing views, and subsequent crusade against those she disagrees with.

“Even though no laws have been broken,” he added.

“That’s right,” Räsänen answered. “If I had been convicted, it would have meant a time of persecution for Finland’s Christians.

“As the police stated, if my writings – which are supported by classical Christianity – are criminal, then the Bible could be banned too.

“If I was convicted, it would have made agreeing with the Bible illegal.”

Broader implications of any conviction include the government forcing through “approved speech” praxis, effectively outlawing classical liberal freedoms.

“It’s a crucial issue,” she said.

The negating of Christ-centred classical liberal freedoms removes the Imago Dei “level playing field.”

Just like Soviet Russia, King recounted, “and every Marxist state out there. As well as tons of states run by dictators: we have religious freedom, just don’t bring it into the public square.”

“This is where left-wing activism is leading the charge. Its end is war. A political and cultural war, that bleeds into common law,” he continued.

Perfectly illustrating this, Räsänen explained that although the Prosecutor General had resigned, Ari-Pekka Koivisto, who took Raija Toiviaine’s place, is continuing the process.

Sympathetic, King responded, “We need to call a spade a spade. These people [far-left activists] are incredibly dangerous. They’re enemies of freedom, free speech, and they’re friends with Marxists and dictators, which are destroyers of society.

“Freedom of faith is so core, it encompasses freedom of speech, of assembly, of thought, of all these different freedoms.

“It is the linchpin that connects them all.

“Christians in the West need to wake up. You’ve got to understand what’s going on, and what’s happening.

“This is an absolute strategy designed to take away rights, and the outlawing of Christians would be the end product,” he concluded.