Young Man Arrested for Preaching the Gospel Outside Drag Queen Event for Children

A young man has been arrested for preaching outside a public drag event involving children, and this time, it’s not the UK, but Watertown, Wisconsin.

Video of the incident, which has gone viral on social media, shows police officers approaching Marcus Schroeder on the sidewalk as he reads from Galatians 5:15. An officer is then seen grabbing his microphone and disabling a portable speaker.

Police then handcuff Schroeder before allegedly charging him with unlawful use of sound amplification and resisting arrest.

BREAKING: Young man arrested for sharing the Bible on a public sidewalk

Blatant violation of the 1st amendment of The Constitution. Every one of those cops should be fired and sued.

— TONY (@TONYxTWO) August 1, 2023

According to Ben Zeisloft of The Sentinel, the incident was filmed by Jason Storms, minister of evangelism at Mercy Seat Christian Church. Storms told Zeisloft that several young people were arrested at the event under orders from city leaders.

“Three were arrested earlier in the day while inside the park praying and talking to attendees, and then released them with warnings,” he said.

“It was open to the public, thus the public’s right to free speech carries with them.”

Storms told The Sentinel that the event featured performers dressed in lingerie, “dancing and gyrating in front of little children who were invited to give them one dollar bills.”

Obtained this video of a drag queen performing sexually for children at the event in Watertown, Wisconsin.

Even though presenting children with sexually explicit content is illegal in Wisconsin, police instead chose to arrest Christians preaching the gospel.

— Ben Zeisloft (@BenZeisloft) August 1, 2023

What we witness here are two very different ideologies on public display. One involves the protected act of preaching the Gospel, while the other features men shamelessly performing suggestive movements in women’s lingerie in front of innocent children.

Yet it’s the Gospel preaching that authorities are shutting down, while shamefully protecting the outrageous and inappropriate behaviour of the latter.

This is the great moral inverse. According to the authorities, children can now be exposed to what was once regarded as “adult entertainment,” but adult entertainers and their supporters should be protected from being exposed to the Gospel. Evil is now good. Good is now evil.

You can read The Sentinel’s full report here.