Activists Silent as “YES23” Rally Used to Salute Communism

If Australia’s Left-wing hegemony were sincerely concerned about injustice, they’d be out in force condemning the “Yes” campaign’s association with murderous Marxists today.

They’re not.

The same activists who attacked Moria Deeming over neo-Nazis hijacking a Let Women Speak rally are both silent and out of sight.

“If a murderous ideology supports your cause, it’s probably not a good one!”

So said Lefties, threatening to cancel Moria Deeming, circa the Let Women Speak rally.

I’m not hearing that rationale, even though the shoe clearly fits if moral responsibility is to be applied equally.

All political movements have their nutob extremists. The fault is pretending they only exist on the other side.

Will those who disavowed an entire movement due to Nazis showing up disavow the Yes campaign as well?

Communists rallying for Yes to the Voice yesterday.

— Rebekah Barnett (@dystopian_DU) September 18, 2023

It seems that Socialist salutes are, in fact, okay, just as long as it’s the “right” brand of wrong.

Remember folks, when the far-left does it, it’s not a social sin, it’s a “necessary” butchering.

The Hammer, Sickle, and power fist represents the Left’s “right” brand of butchery. A swastika and Nazi salute doesn’t.

I don’t condone either.

I’m simply illustrating the dissonance.

The tiresome Woketopian double standard when it comes to domestic terrorism.

Mass killings in the name of Communism is – so goes the vile thinking – killing for a “good” cause.

Killing in the name National Socialism, well, Communism’s bastard sibling, has been a very, very naughty boy.

How about you send some of that “moral outrage” the way of murderous Marxists openly backing the “Yes” Campaign?

“If a murderous ideology supports your cause, its probably not a good one?”

– Lefties on Moria Deeming, circa the Let Women Speak rally!

— Rod Lampard (@rod_lampard) September 18, 2023

Lyle Shelton was right, “More people were murdered under [the hammer and sickle] than any others in human history. How is it appropriate at a yes23au event?”

More people were murdered under that symbol than any other in human history. How is it appropriate at a @yes23au event?

— Lyle Shelton (@LyleShelton) September 17, 2023

The promotion of Communism at the Yes march should be as aggressively condemned as the so-called Neo-Nazis (should have been) after they hijacked the Let Women Speak rally.

Anything less is a slap in the face to the victims of Communism.

Many of whom are proud to call Australia home.

Such as Independent MP, Dai Le, who at the age of 7 escaped to Australia.

Dai Le avoided death in Viet Kong political camps after the Communists broke the Paris Peace Accords, by invading South Vietnam in 1975.

During a maiden speech in 2022 wearing a traditional Vietnamese áo dài fashioned into an Australian flag, she thanked Vietnam veterans, and called Australia, “the land of hope, freedom, and endless possibilities.”

The same principle disallowing Nazis (National Socialists) a legitimate moral right to participate in Australia’s political system, should be extended to Communists.

Just like their mid-century German cousins, Communists from Russia, to Cambodia, to China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba (among others), sits a trail of butchers, bloodshed, and a never satiated belligerence.

Simone Weil’s contention is as true today as it was when the former French Communist said it: Marxism is a ‘badly constructed religion.’

One that has had its false claims to moral superiority repeatedly delegitimised.

Behind the altruistic masks Marxists wear is a substitute saviour; a meat-grinding soulless Nothingness.

It’s a man-made post-truth popery serviced by an ideology that prides itself as being man’s true liberator while concealing its true identity.

Remember we were told: “If a murderous ideology supports your cause, it’s probably not a good one!”

If those involved in the attacks on Moira Deeming truly believed this, they’d be applying this same sentiment to Communists using the “Yes” campaign to promote Communism.

Nazism and Communism are two wings on the same vicious bird.

Marx’s Promethean monstrosity is a mass murderer. It has no moral legitimacy in Australia’s representative democracy.