Hungarian PM Says: US Democrats, EU, and Soros Empire Are Pressuring Hungary to Fund Ukrainian War, Create Migrant Ghettos, and Sexually Propagandise Children

Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has accused the U.S. Democrats, the European Union, and the “Soros empire” of pressuring Hungary to forfeit the country’s independence and sovereignty.

In a speech to parliament on Monday, Orbán said Hungary’s opponents are threatening to apply continual pressure, should the nation refuse to fund the endless war in Ukraine, establish migrant ghettos, and pump sexual propaganda into the nation’s schools.

According to Orbán, failure to comply with the demands will result in funding cuts from Brussels, along with financial support for Hungary’s domestic Left-wing opposition courtesy of the “Soros empire.”

“This Autumn, Hungary’s opponents are expected to come forward to make their demands simultaneously,” Orbán said. “What the Soros empire, the Brussels bureaucrats, and the Democrats in America want from us is what we cannot – and, I think do not want to give them.

“The US Administration will continue to want us involved in the war: to supply arms, and to give more money to Ukraine – but at least to allow Brussels to give Ukraine our money.

“Brussels wants us to let migrants in and build migrant ghettos for them, to let sexual propaganda into schools, for us to yield economic decisions – giving powers to them and furthermore to relinquish autonomous foreign policy and the right to have foreign policy issues decided on a unanimous basis.

Orbán continued: “They are threatening that if we do not do all this they will put continuous pressure on us, withhold funds from Brussels, and – through the coffers of the Soros empire – pay the Hungarian Left, the Hungarian government’s domestic opponents.

“What can we say to this? Firstly, that Hungary does not belong to the club of ‘Yes countries’ who, when they received a phone call from Brussels, simply answer: ‘Yes!’ Secondly, we can say that Hungary cannot allow anyone to restrict its independence and sovereignty.

“This is not only because of common sense, and not only because of historical experience, but also because the Hungarian constitution simply does not allow it and indeed expressly forbids it.”

A rare display of an elected representative representing, first and foremost, the good of those who elected him to represent them. Politicians take note.

Hungary is a sovereign country. We will not become a migrant ghetto and we will not give up our right to have our own foreign and economic policy. #ThisIsTheWay

— Orbán Viktor (@PM_ViktorOrban) October 3, 2023