Franklin Graham Laments Church of England’s LGBT Capitulation

The Samaritan’s Purse CEO didn’t pull punches when criticising the Church of England’s Woke vote to “bless” same-sex couples.

Graham wrote on X, “It’s a sad day for the Church of England.

“Any decision that goes against the Word of God is wrong—even if it’s called a trial.”

He was responding to a narrow win for activists within the Anglican church who’ve been pushing to convert the ecclesia for decades.

As reported by the C of E, “special services of prayer and dedication asking for God’s blessing for same-sex couples” will be in place by December.

The move opens the door for same-sex couples “who love one another” to “give thanks for, and mark that love in faith before God.”

An additional part of the meeting involved “reviewing” the progress of the Church’s offering of “lament and repentance” for the “[mis]treatment” of those who identify as LGBTQI+.

Christian Concern (CC) said, the three houses of Synod voted.

“Blessing” SSM’s only landslide win was among the Bishops, with 23 supporting the motion. 10 were against, while 4 sat on the fence.

Among the clergy 100 signed on, 93 were opposed.

For the Laity, the numbers weren’t much different.

104 jumped off the heretical precipice. 100 were against, choosing instead to stand firm on 2,000 years of sound, science-supported biblical doctrine.

Present on the day, CC representative Benjamin John protested, “Instead of proclaiming the will of God clear in scripture we say, “What is God doing, what is the Spirit saying?

“This is a blasphemy against the holiness and power of God.

“I’ve been struck speaking to a group outside from X-out-Loud, who’ve described to me the transforming work of God in their lives.

“They said, these blessings are curses.

“Bishops at the end of your ministry do you want to be able to say: I fought the good fight, I’ve kept the faith, or will you reject it?”

He concluded, by quoting 1 Thessalonians 4:

“For you know what instructions we gave you through the Lord Jesus. For this is the will of God, your sanctification: abstain from sexual immorality.”

“For God has not called us for impurity, but in holiness. Therefore, whoever disregards this, disregards not man but God.”

“Blessing” the redefining of marriage is to bless all that goes with it.

As Katy Faust – Lyle Shelton – and many, many others have argued, so-called “marriage equality rights” undermine the rights of others.

Children have a right
⁃to life
⁃to their mother & father
⁃to sexual innocence (no sex/gender ideology in school)
⁃to intact bodies (not chemically/surgically mutilated)

Their rights are being attacked.

Screw your social acceptance. Start defending children.

— Katy Faust (@Advo_Katy) April 4, 2022

Not only does it undermine a child’s rights, the package deal hurts society.

For example:

Parental alienation is child abuse.

Parental alienation is inherently part of gay “parenting”.

Therefore, Gay “parenting” is…

— Rod Lampard (@rod_lampard) November 22, 2023

This is why the term Gay Christian, much the same as the phrase Gay “parenting,” is, and always will be an oxymoron.

No amount of doctrinal abuse, or serpent-like scripture twisting changes these facts.

What was once rejected as the territory of the father of lies, and the delusion of demons, is now being embraced as deus volt!

No dissent, or opposing viewpoint is allowed.

Men, women, society, corporations, Churches, and non-government organisations, are all either an ally or the enemy.

Such is the LGBTQ+ movement’s “convert, pay a tax or die,” fascist political platform.

This is evidenced by the many victims of LGBT lawfare and the movement’s weaponisation of litigation.

Sadly, all of this is what the Anglican communion is erroneously co-opting in the name of “love and faith.”

Franklin Graham is right.

A society in decline needs people of conviction, who are consistent, and capable of holding fast to the Spirit of truth against the assaults of the spirit of error. (1 John 5).

Attempting to head off a major schism, Bishop of London, Sarah Mullally – an apparent key player in the LGBTQ+ assimilation program known as “Living in Love and Faith” – called for unity in disagreement.

Regardless, the apparent dismissal of widespread warnings about Synod’s slicing up scripture to serve “passions and lusts of the flesh,” pre-empts a split.

It’s doubtful Mullally’s “love is love” appeal to “diversity is our strength,” will stop the God is love faithful from “abhorring what is evil, and holding fast to that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21 & Romans 12:9).