WHO Suffers Short-Term Memory Loss

The World Health Organization (WHO) appears to be suffering from short-term memory loss, or maybe they’re just banking on our collective forgetfulness regarding their involvement during the so-called ‘pandemic.’

In perhaps the most painfully ironic post of the decade, WHO decided to celebrate ‘Human Rights Day’ on December 10 by reiterating everything some of us were criticised, censored, and banned for saying only a few years ago.

“Today is Human Rights Day,” the WHO posted on Facebook, along with a list of health and medical “rights,” almost all of which were grossly violated worldwide in their attempts to stop a virus that is still with us today.

“You have the right to: (1) Safe and quality health care, without discrimination; (2) Privacy and confidentiality of your health information; (3) Information about your treatment and to informed consent; (4) Bodily autonomy and integrity; (5) Make decisions about your own health. Health is a human right.”

Naturally, the post attracted no shortage of comments pointing out the bleeding obvious, with many of the 1.5 thousand replies accusing the organisation of world-class “gaslighting.”

“Were they hacked?” one user asked.

“Every one of these human rights were not upheld in the last three years,” another commenter replied.

“We also have the right to informed consent and not be treated like second-class citizens because we decided not to buy your agenda,” another said.

“What about the human rights of those denied their last goodbyes with loved ones?”

This is nothing short of Orwellian double-speak, “designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable and to give the appearance of solidarity to pure wind,” as Orwell put it.

It’s the party telling you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. Forget the fear-mongering, the scare campaigns, the power-grabs, the discriminatory policies, the home-imprisonment, the impossible choices, the pressures, the abuse, the name-calling, the dehumanizing language, the isolation, the disconnection, the loss, and more.

Apparently, the WHO now stands for those things that earned us the labels “conspiracy theorists” and “right-wing propagandists.” But alas, we have a sneaking suspicion this is but a one-day-only offer.